About Us

Real Estate and Property Management in Bahrain is being revolutionized with AQARAATS, a new and innovative online real estate e-commerce solution and, at the same time, much more.

AQARAATS was established in 2019 in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is notable for its online User Experience (UX) friendliness, ease of navigation when searching online for any product and/or service, its transaction speed when using any of the available payment methods along with our fast and reliable 24/7 online access.

AQARAATS is unique in its offering to each real estate entity with an online market place featuring a rich and attractive merchant ecosystem bringing together local real estate entities from every property related field be it property renting, sale or projects.

AQARAATS delivers a hassle free and satisfying online experience for both tenants/buyers and real estate entities which meets all their needs.

AQARAATS while continuing to add new real estate entities and extend its customer reach is constantly listening to its users and will continue to add features and benefits to ensure consumer satisfaction whenever possible.